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Not a girl the way you want a girl

dear friend,

dear friend,

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i don't trust you. you twist my words and make it look bad. when all i've ever wanted to do for you was help. you broke my heart, and rejected me. everyone else thinks that is acceptable. but to me it isn't. if you were of other gender, it would've been more acceptable. but they aren't as open as they seem.

nice knowing you...


i don't trust lack of honesty. lack of respect. lack of fluidity.

however i have to make the decision now.
i will no longer put myself in any situation that might put me in the line of fire for any negative energy.
i rather not waste my time with people who don't care.
i care about all of my friends. i believe i am loyal and true.
i might have a hard time saying what i need to say, but that's because everyone is defensive. including me. if i share how people really make me feel they will have something to back it up.

i feel lucky to be blessed with a partner who will listen and not always explain.
if only i could do the same for them.

i'm working on it...
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